Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Zulugrass was founded in 2002 by Katy and Philip Leakey. Philip and Katy Leakey live in the rural bush of the Rift Valley in Kenya, among the Maasai. The Leakey Collection is a company that designs contemporary products, which are hand made by the Maasai women and men of Kenya in the categories of interior home and fashion accessories. Charm of Dresden 866 283-7605The Leakey Collection offers employment opportunity to over 1200 Kenyans depending on the time of year. Zulugrass and Zuluwood are products of The Leakey Collection. The Leakey Collection also designs a line of Passementerie, (fringe and trims), which is distributed by Samuel and Sons in New York and is available at selected Holly Hunt and Kneedler-Fauchere show rooms around the United States. Assembly of products for The Leakey Collection - Kenya is in a non-factory setting. Women work under the acacia trees at mobile, work sites which can provide work opportunity where ever work is needed in the Rift Valley. Work sites are set up only when invited into a community by Maasai women and elders. When a community no longer wants a work site it would be dismantled and moved. This happened once in 4 years. The Leakey Collection currently has a waiting list of communities that have requested work stations, which will open as demand for products increases. Work sites spans over 150 miles in the Rift Valley. All materials used by The Leakey Collection are environmentally sustainable. In 2002 The Leakey Collection won the Environment Conscious award from the Association of Makers and Exporters of Gifts and Allied Articles of Kenya for its innovative use and management of natural materials. The Leakey Collection uses only fallen dead wood from environmentally sustainable areas in its wood products. The environmentally sustainable harvest of the grass also works to preserve a wet land since the communities no longer burn the grass, which cattle do not eat, to make room for the plentiful grass that cattle do eat.
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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Zulugrass - Sport

The new ACTION LINE by The Leakey Collection! Play soccer or tennis, swim, surf, jog or dance in style wearing 15" of Grass & Glass on elastic as a bracelet, choker or hair tie.

Collection comes in 8 different colorways with small glass charms: black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, cranberry & tan.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Zuluwood Earrings

All wood used to make any wooden products are collected from fallen wood of sustainable species such as varieties of acacia, and utilizes environmental sustainable methods of planning and collection. All wood is hand tooled and burnished; there is no wax, lacquer or varnish used on any of the wood beads or wooden products.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Maasai Inspired Long Twist Necklaces

Maasai Inspired Long Twist Necklaces - 3 long strands of Zulugrass, twisted together and held with a hand made ceramic bead measures 30-36" long - can be worn long or shortened with a clasp. Simply double the Maasai Inspired Long Twist Necklace in half and use the Necklace Hook or 2-3 Bracelet Clasps linked together across the back of your neck.

Zuluwood Necklaces

Zuluwood NecklacesThis timeless jewelry is handcrafted, bead by bead, from African hardwood. Some pieces are mixed with sterling silver and some are strung on elastic to be combined with Zulugrass Jewelry. Each wooden bead is hand-honed and burnished to a gem quality. No lacquer, varnish or wax has been used so the oils from your skin may penetrate this precious wood maintaining its condition for generations of wear.

Each piece of Zuluwood jewelry is as unique as the tree from which it came. All Zuluwood jewelry is made from fallen wood.

Zuluwood is the perfect compliment to the natural beauty of Zulugrass Jewelry. They mix together beautifully.

Maasai Grass Necklaces

A three strand, 28” necklace that is twisted in the traditional fashion as Maasai necklaces. Strung with Zulugrass, with ½” sections of colorful hand blown Czech glass beads.

These are highly colorful and fun and can be worn in groups and add color to other jewelry.